Dr. David Henderson
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I'm Dr. David Henderson, a Dallas, Texas based psychiatrist. I provide medical evaluations and treatment for psychiatric illnesses as well as counseling (or talk-therapy) with a conversational yet intensive style. I will work with you or your loved one to identify the patterns of thought, emotion, and action that may be negatively impacting your quality of life. Together, we will come up with a treatment plan that works best for your specific situation, exploring biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives. 

The ultimate goal is to heal the brain, just like we would any other organ in our bodies. The social goal is to reconnect you with people who know you, accept you, and empower you to live a whole and healthy life. In a psychological and spiritual sense, the goal is to retrain your focus and equip you to infuse redemptive perspectives into even the most tragic life circumstances. 

The word redemption means the exchanging of something horrible or ugly for something amazing and beautiful. Working to find redemption has become my life’s mission both personally and professionally. As you check out my practice, books, and media, I hope you too will catch that passion and pass it on!


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The Two Sides of Rage

Understanding Anger and Using It Well
March 10, 2016
David Henderson

The presidential election is just around the corner and emotions are running high. Clearly, there is a great deal of outrage and disgust surrounding the two most controversial figures in the running: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Anger is a normal emotion for all human beings to feel and whether you are a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or conservative...


Pride and Spiritual Prejudice

Why Compassion, Not Judgment, is the Only Way to Change the World
October 13, 2015
David Henderson

WARNING: This is a long post and I recognize in our current culture, most people want to read a blog that has 3 quick bullet points they can skim. Just understand that to write this particular post in that manner would be to contradict the very point I am trying to make. So, please forgive me in advance for the...

February 14, 2015
David Henderson

This weekend I got to see empowering love in action. Jim Savage is a therapist in Addison, TX who hosts a monthly meeting at the Dallas Recovery Center called the Artist’s Recovery Meeting. In typical 12 step fashion, the first part of the meeting includes a testimony from a local artist who is in recovery. The stories of metamorphosis from...


The Death Drive

Why We All Do Stupid Stuff and How We Can Stop it!!
October 07, 2014
David Henderson

To be alive is to be motivated. At any given moment in time, you have one of two motivating factors influencing you: 1. The pursuit of a reward: Greek philosophers like Aristotle would tell us that there is no such thing as a completely selfless act. Humans ever and always are motivated by the pursuit of their own good. There...

June 02, 2014
David Henderson

I had a great time interviewing Robert E. Hall, a noted author, consultant, and speaker on relationships. His latest book, This Land of Strangers: The Relationship Crisis That Imperils Home, Work, Politics, and Faith, gives a clear explanation as to why fostering healthy working relationships should be on our short list of daily activities. As cofounder and CEO of a two-hundred...